Welcome to the official CubeCraft Games PC store. CubeCraft is one of the largest Minecraft Servers in the world, hosting fun and unique games like EggWars, SkyWars, Tower Defence, Lucky Islands & MUCH more! This is the place to purchase ranks, miniatures and multipliers. All ranks are server wide!

Payments are processed through our secure payment gateway, PaymentWall. PaymentWall allows you to use prepaid cards, such as PaySafe Cards, to purchase ranks. It also accepts credit & debit cards along with local payment options. 




All store prices are in Great British Pounds (£ GBP) by default, however you can change your currency by selecting the Store Currency button at the top right of this page. If you don't change your currency, prices will automatically convert to your local currency at checkout. 

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To buy from our store please enter your username. Only players that have logged in to CubeCraft and aren't banned are able to purchase from our store.

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If you have any questions or issues regarding payments and our online store send an email to: sales@cubecraft.net.

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